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      Company Profile

      Huzhou ZhiHui technology co., LTDwas established in 2017, specializes in design,sales,manufacturing and installation of logistics and storage’s equipment. The area of factory more than 5000 square meters and the work place is around 4000 square meters. With more than 50 employees. 
      Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the development of logistic storageandhandlingequipment, wecan customizefor customers with special logistics equipment.According to the characteristics of different industries, one-to-one communication with customers and develop the best cost-effective logistics solution.To reduce the cost of warehousing and handling with the concept of efficiency, environmental protection and recycling, to win more third profit for customers.
            We have been adhering to the tenet of“integrity, pragmatic, unity and efficient” as our business purpose, insisting on “keep improving, quality first, honesty, the customers first” policy, establish good business relationship with our clients, take the great mission of expanding the infinite logistics space and strive to be the world first class logistics equipment manufacturer. 


      We focus on Quality, Safety and Environment.

      Cultural concepts





      Chi fai technology research and development team in the process of technology development, consistently uphold the concept of safety first, guarantee safe production of the equipment.





      The reliable production comes from professional level, attitude and dedicated pursuit of attention. Every tzu chi fai technology products are our specialty, concentration and focus on scientific research.






      The company's production process, the design is more human, friendly interface, operation comfort is reasonable. New technology, new technology, new process is one of the important guarantee for tzu chi fai technology production





      Chi fai technology products all parts adopt the mainstream technology of manufacturing, to ensure stability of production engineering, ensure operation, simple debugging, equipment durability.




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      Huzhou Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd

      ADDRESS:No.6 workshop, No.999 Qixing Road, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province



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      Copyright ©2018-2021 

      Huzhou Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd